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Meet them at their level

Hi there and welcome back,

How many times have you tried several approaches to motivate someone to get out of their comfort zone just to find yourself frustrated in the end?

If you are in any leadership position, I am sure your answer was “way too many to count”.

The reason such disconnect happens is because you are approaching the person at a level that he/she is unable to perform on at this time.

Let me explain a bit further, because getting a good grasp of what I am about to share with you will make your life way easier.

Every person thinks, feels, and acts at different levels of energy and, in order for you to connect and influence change, you must identify which level that person is at and meet him/her there. This transformational concept was developed by Bruce D. Schneider, author of the concept and book “Energy Leadership”, which I highly recommend every leader to read.

As I share with you five, of the seven, levels of energetic leadership, think of a situation you are currently in (or were in the past). At what level everyone involved were perceiving the situation (including you)?

A person perceiving the world at Level 1 will have the mindset of victimization. The famous “why me, poor me, everything always goes wrong with me”. This person feels hopeless and apathy is, usually, the result of level 1 mindset.

A person perceiving the world at Level 2 will have the mindset of conflict. Everyone is always trying to get to him/her. He/she is very defensive and anger ends up being the core feeling, resulting in continuous confrontation.

At level 3, the person has the mindset of taking responsibility to avoid conflict. The person pretty much puts a band-aid on a stab wound as she forgives the person who wounded him/her.

Level 4 is the level of compassion. People perceiving the world at level 4 are always ready to serve. They genuinely concern themselves with others and want to make a positive impact.

Level 5 is all about win-win. It brings the mindset of finding solutions that everyone can benefit from. It has peace as a core feeling. They are the “if life gives you lemons, make it a lemonade”. They see opportunities out of every challenge.

So, at what level did  you perceive the situation you experienced? At about the people involved in it?

Now, imagine how different would the situation be if everyone resonated at level 5?

The reality is that we all fluctuate between the levels of energy and we will never be 100% at one. Also, one level is not better or worse than the other. To the contrary, they are all good as long as we think, feel, act on the right level in the right time. For example, if you are in a situation you must run for your life, being at level 1 or level 4 may get you killed. Level 2 is your best chance.

With that said, when we are able to intentionally fluctuate up and down, things get interesting…for the best.

As a leader, it is your role to identify at what level each one of your people are at and meet them there. When I say that, I don’t mean that you should jump into their misery if they are at level 1. But, by identifying they are at level 1, you can understand what they are thinking and feeling. It allows you to communicate at their level so that you can help them move up.

The Energy Leadership is a powerful tool that can help you move your organization to a high level of performance. It will help you identify where each person is and create strategies to help them succeed by communicating at each individual’s level.

If you would like to know more about the Energy Leadership Concept, I will be happy to discuss with you.The Energy Leadership Index Assessment is a 20-minute online assessment that will show you at what level you resonate at different areas of your life. Shoot me a message to learn more.

For now, I wish you a amazing Level 5 and Level 4 week…Let’s think opportunities with hearts filled with compassion for one another.

All the best,


Vaine Angelo

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