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How to get your people’s buy in

Hi there and welcome to the first vlog of this 4-week videos series on How To Step Up Your Leadership Game For 2018″

You can watch the first video clicking here.

The first topic of discussion is: “It’s all about you!”

That does bring a song to mind, doesn’t it?

Well, actually, not everything is about you (I am sorry to spoil that for you!).

But, when it comes to “getting people’s buy-in”, you are the most important person.

You see. A big mistake leaders make is wanting their people to buy-in to a vision or buy-in to an action plan just to find themselves lonely and frustrated that no one is actually “doing” their part of the agreement.

In reality, people do not buy into visions, missions, or goals. They buy into the leaders.

Once they buy into YOU then they will buy into the vision!

To know a bit more about this so that you can step up your leadership game for 2018, check out this week’s video.

Cheers to your continuous success!



Vaine Angelo


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