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Leadership Coaching
Change begins with you!
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Propel Yourself & Your Team Towards Success

It all begins with you!

Vaine Angelo offers leadership and small business development coaching to women who are ready and serious about growing taking their business to the next level.

As a entrepreneur herself, who has been actively involved in the start-up and development of several successful businesses in the last fifteen years, she understands the challenges and opportunities around small business development and growth.

Her passion for equipping others to position themselves for success led her to acquired the best available certifications in the world in the field of coaching and training.

In 2018, Vaine is only offering her “Growth Bootcamp” Package. Clients must commit to meeting once a week for 24 weeks.

The investment for this package is $6,600

Please contact us to schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation to assess how Vaine can equip you for the growth you are looking to achieve!

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The Leadership Coaching Process

The coaching process is a structured and measurable one. Learn the 7 steps of these transformational process.



Schedule a 30-minute complimentary session to assess if I am the coach you are looking for.


Leadership Assessment

Take a 20-minute online leadership assessment so that we can identify which coaching approach will benefit you the most based om where you are in your current leadership mindset.


Assessment Debriefing

A 90-minute debrief session of your leadership assessment. In this session you will learn how your current leadership mindset is affecting your results and receive immediate strategies for improvement.


Strategy Sessions

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions to work strategically on areas for improvement.


Action-Driven Mindset

Client translates learning into action.



At a pre-determined interval, strategist collects feedback and determines need to make changes to process or continue on the same route.


Identification of next steps

Celebration of achievements and identify next steps: client decides to continue the process or end it.


``A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.``

John C. Maxwell


Structured Learning Systems

How many times have you read a book filled with tools to make you a better leader just to forget about it a few weeks later?
You are not alone! It's hard to maintain and apply knowledge when it is not completely tailored and relevant to you!
Our structured learning systems are a hybrid of coaching, training, and mentoring based on best-seller leadership books. We work with you individually or in group to bring the teaching presented relevant to your specific needs as well as strategic action plans to implement it in your life and organization.

Learning Systems

Making knowledge relevant and applicable to you!

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