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What is High-performance Coaching?

Coaching will help you reach your goals. High-performance coaching will help you determine and reach
your dreams. You will learn to ignore the status quo and aim higher through bold, challenging actions
steps that break down mental barriers. High-performance coaching leads to new levels of productivity
and success, making scary, seemingly impossible ambitions attainable through motivation,
accountability, and worth ethic.


Who Benefits from High-performance Coaching?

If you are done with planning and daydreaming and ready to work, high-performance coaching is the
next step. As a high performer, you should be prepared to lead and to succeed.


How does High-performance Coaching Work?

Clients will be taken through the GROW model as they expand their knowledge and skills.



GGoals – What are your objectives? Where do you want to be?

RReality – What is your current state? Are you ready to take on the necessary actions to progress?

OOptions and Obstacles – What are the options you have in front of you that will help you reach your destination? What is holding you back or in your way?

WWay Forward – What tangible steps will you take to move forward?


These stages will be completed through:

  1. An initial coaching Interview

  2. Completing the Energy Leadership Index Assessment

  3. Twelve core 90-minute sessions held weekly for 90 days

Why Choose me as your high-performance coach?

Because she believes in you, trusts you, and loves you enough to tell you the truth instead of telling you what you want to hear.

Clients do not grow from constant praise and adulation; growth requires discomfort. Vaine welcomes this discomfort, knowing the phenomenal results that it produces. Vaine is not looking for a best friend. Her commitment to you is founded on the future you dare to create. She will remind you of your purpose and goals and push you to be at your best.