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The seeds of entrepreneurship were planted in Vaine’s heart at a young age. At 8 years old she helped her father sand bumpers before he painted them. By 10, she was in charge of accounts receivable for her mother’s many side businesses. Vaine took this unwavering worth ethic from her parents and infused it with passion and creativity. At 14, Vaine proposed a plan to a local travel agency that would provide her a free ticket to a theme park if she could sell 30 tickets. Forty tickets and a chartered bus later, Vaine had the time of her life at the park and even made a profit. 

After struggling with English courses in her native Brazil, 19-year-old Vaine struck a deal with her parents to travel to America and immerse herself in the language. While her parents agreed, they left much of the financial responsibility of this endeavor up to her.

Making enough money to support herself in a foreign country proved challenging. Unable to afford school, she worked as a housekeeper full time and studied English on her own at night, sometimes practicing her new phrases at the local megastore, pretending to be interested in the latest television or computer that she’d researched cleverly beforehand. She developed her English fully serving as a caregiver for an elderly woman.

Moving through different job opportunities, Vaine experienced firsthand the benefits and constraints of corporate training at several companies. This is when she finally saw her path crystallize: she wanted to train the trainers. This realization prompted her to pursue a degree in psychology. Juggling working full-time and attending college posed new questions about how to support herself and her goals. The solution, while nontraditional, was exactly her style: her first business was born, Fritz Cleaning, Inc. This cleaning company eventually exploded into a booming business in Tampa, Florida, employing 25 housekeepers and staff members, all while Vaine continued working different full-time positions, including a flight attendant at Delta, and taking classes full-time.

This overwhelming schedule caught up to Vaine, and in 2008 she had to confront the realities of her high expectations and high-performing tendencies. She managed severe depression and anxiety and learned during this trying time the importance of balance in her life. She decided to alter her path toward corporate training and instead focus her energy and passion into coaching. In 2012 Vaine became a Certified Coach specializing in Leadership Development and started her own coaching business. 

She also served as the Executive Director for For the Girls, International, a nonprofit company, from 2018-2020. 

Vaine’s coaching weaves together her lifelong talent of developing creative, solution-focused strategies with her education and invaluable life experience as an entrepreneur and business owner. She especially enjoys helping other women find their own space to achieve success in a healthy, balanced way, respecting their own unique set of circumstances.   

A wife and mother first, Vaine understands the immense pressure women feel to define their success by impossible standards. But no more. She offers her dynamic, holistic teaching to help women create their own definitions of success and achievement, personally and professionally.