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Sobre Vaine

Uma mulher comprometida em equipar outras mulheres para o sucesso!

Vaine Angelo

Mom | Wife | Entrepreneur | Writer | Speaker
Passionate for equipping, empowering, and inspiring women to embrace their God-given leadership calling in their families and society.

Vaine Angelo is an internationally renowned speaker, coach, and trainer who has invested the past decade equipping leaders with the skills, confidence, and authority to build influence within their families, their communities, and organizations.
Her journey into leadership development did not begin because she was a strong leader. It was the opposite! It began because of her own need to develop her influence as one.

Her Bachelors Degree in Psychology, combined with the most respected Coaching and Training certifications in the world, have positioned her to become a highly sought after personal and leadership speaker, coach and trainer.

Originally from Brazil, Vaine lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband and two children. Her authenticity and vulnerability on sharing her personal journey in juggling life, marriage, parenting, and business on social media lead her to become an authority on how to create joy, fulfillment, and harmony between work and life!

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